Keeping Pets Safe & Calm this 4th of July

Our pets are part of our family. During this pandemic, we've been especially grateful to have them in our lives to give us unconditional love. If you're like us, the silliness of pets has probably also helped with your anxiety and stress! With the 4th of July here, our pets need us to help them cope with their nervousness in hearing fireworks. As you may already know, during the 4th of July, more dogs end up in your local shelters or lost from home. When a dog is frightened, they tend to run far away from whatever is scaring them. The sound of fireworks can be pretty scary for our beloved pets.  


The excellent news, fiesteros, is that we have a few tips to share for keeping your dog safe during the 4th of July! You've probably heard some of these before, but it can't hurt to refresh your memory as the holiday approaches. 


These are a few tips we have done in the past to keep our dogs safe and calm during the 4th of July fireworks.


  1. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag. Always make sure the tag has your current contact information so you can be easily contacted should your pet be lost.
  2. Take an early morning walk with your dog and make it longer than usual.
  3. Please keep your pet inside your home during fireworks. To make it feel more comforting, you can also give them a yummy treat.
  4. If turning on the TV or music isn't helping your doggy calm down, you can try to distract your pet through play! Seeing their favorite toy and getting 1:1 time with you is a fun way to distract them from those fireworks.
  5. If your dog likes to take their naps or relax around windows, please keep those curtains closed. 
  6. To help your dog reduce anxiety, wrap them in a blanket and hold them next to you. They'll feel safe with you near them
  7. Keep an extra close eye on them and give plenty of extra love on the 4th of July.


If you have more tips to share, we want to hear them! Use #FiestaKitsUSA to let us know what you do to keep your dogs, cats, and pets feeling calm during the 4th of July. 


-Fiesta Kits USA


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