Make a Día de Acción de Gracias (Thanksgiving Day) card

Happy November!  This month began with altares for Día de Los Muertos that were decorated with photographs of loved ones, colorful cempasúchil flowers, candles, sweet bread, and other indulgences.  Día de Los Muertos is a beautiful and healing opportunity to reminisce and celebrate the lives of loved ones who are now in heaven, like my abuelitas and abuelitos.  It is also a reminder to pause and reflect on what truly matters in life.  To me, something that matters is telling loved ones that they're valued and loved.  However, I often neglect to do so because of everything that I juggle day-to-day.  November brings a fresh beginning.  


With that in mind, I began to look for simple and thoughtful ways to express my gratitude to people who bring me joy and happiness.  As I was brainstorming, I thought of how much it meant to receive a handwritten card.  As a kid, it was so much fun to use color crayons to write a letter, place a stamp, and mail it off using the U.S. postal service.  It was even more thrilling to get mail! 


Handwritten Letters


To encourage our community of fiesteros to give thanks, we're providing a free template so you can create a Día de Acción de Gracias (Thanksgiving Day) card.  As you drink a warm cafecito or tea, we hope you'll use our free template to customize a card for a loved one.  Our free template for this month is also the unveiling of another beloved Fiesta Kits USA character named Bartolo. Bartolo is a sweet, thoughtful, and intelligent fox.  Subscribe to our e-newsletter here for your free November template.




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