Welcome!  We can’t believe that the day has arrived for us to present our labor of love in our creation of Fiesta Kits (FK).  Throughout the years, the thought process behind FK has been forming via sincere conversations, dreams and ideas that we’ve had since our childhood and adolescence, and always with the conscience of transmitting our pride and love for our Latin American culture and the Spanish language.

In our reality, when we hear negative news with the goal of clipping our wings, we rise to combat the noise and ignorance with exalting the virtues of our culture, rekindling nostalgic memories, and opening doors to productive conversations where love and respect revolve around the axis of augmenting the light and clarity that we all need.

With pride and humility, we give a cordial welcome to our emerging world of FK - a place that is native to our original characters like Cora, an affectionate cactus, and the place that opens its arms to our versions of emblematic idols like Frida.  Our faith in them fortifies the essence of our values and cultural heritage. Due to this belief, our motto will always be: Con el nopal en el corazón.  It’s that simple.    

To know that this is only the beginning fills us with many emotions, but above all, happiness.  As we develop more ideas, we will present news and surprises on them. Our advice is to be on the lookout for future blogs and information with respect to our products at www.fiestakitsusa.com and on our social media.

In advance, we thank you all for your time and consideration in letting us form a part of your lives.  

¡Abrazos y besitos! XO

-The FK team

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